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Divine Gate's Yonkoma was first published in June 2014 and ended in September 2014. It was simply streamed on Mr Divine's twitter and in total, consists of sixty-three chapters.

Chapters Edit

  1. In regards to this world... ...
  2. Who is the master?
  3. Aoto's favorite
  4. Because we're girls!
  5. Popular girl
  6. The truth is... ...
  7. Showa mom
  8. Akane: It's none of your business
  9. Akane: Bedivere
  10. Akane: Because it's flames... ...
  11. Akane: Who do you mean by "that guy"?
  12. Akane: You don't have to say it like that... ...
  13. Akane: Read the atmosphere
  14. Akane: A figure watching over Akane
  15. Aoto: Aoto's past
  16. Aoto: Surprise attack
  17. Aoto: Even though you're similar but... ...
  18. Aoto: Mistaken
  19. Aoto: That person is
  20. Aoto: First love
  21. Aoto: The thoughts of the Water Genius
  22. Midori: Who is that girl
  23. Midori: Similar Companions
  24. Midori: Commentary
  25. Midori: Where her gaze lies upon
  26. Midori: Unhappiness
  27. Midori: Endless
  28. Midori: Horrible guy
  29. Hikari: Women's world
  30. Hikari: Aptitude for drawing
  31. Hikari: Grudge from food... ...
  32. Hikari: I had a hard time
  33. Hikari: Scary
  34. Hikari: Hikari's secret
  35. Hikari: Be prepared
  36. Ginji: Interest... ...?
  37. Ginji: Sympathy
  38. Ginji: But for here
  39. Ginji: Did you forget?
  40. Ginji: Hiding one's embarrassment
  41. Ginji: For what reason
  42. Ginji: For a new departure
  43. Yukari: Wrong way of using
  44. Yukari: Dangerous fragrance
  45. Yukari: It's a public place
  46. Yukari: It's not suppose to be like this
  47. Yukari: Complain
  48. Yukari: Escape after saying what he wants
  49. Yukari: Until the curtains raise... ...
  50. Knights of the Round Table: Boss
  51. Knights of the Round Table: Gap
  52. Knights of the Round Table: Growing up
  53. Knights of the Round Table: Problem child
  54. Knights of the Round Table: Play
  55. Knights of the Round Table: Inside it is...
  56. Knights of the Round Table: Moving Forward
  57. Side story: Awake
  58. Side story: Night before marriage
  59. Side story: The ally of the weak is
  60. Side story: People falling in love (part one)
  61. Side story: People falling in love (part two)
  62. Side story: People falling in love (part three)
  63. Side story: Person being loved

Credits Edit

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