<When>, <where> or <how> that gate was born, nobody knows. There was no one who could <see>, <touch> or <reach> the gate.

However, when that gate opened... ...

The order of the world was destroyed with the integration of the <Common World> where humans live in, <Sky World> where fairies live in and <Demon World> where demons live in. <Why>, <who> and <for what reason> was that gate opened, nobody knows.

Though, in fear and reverence, the gate was given a name.

As the <Divine Gate>... ...

The three worlds had integrated. As a result, the worlds clashed. Worlds that used to be peaceful then entered a chaotic age filled with unceasing conflicts.

The <Utopia> envisioned by people of the three worlds were entangled like mosaics, and could never be dyed in a single color even as time passed.

The rulers of the three worlds thus formed the <World Council> to overcome the chaos. A generic term <Merged World> was given to the three worlds that had integrated and every effort was then made to regain order.

Thereafter, looking down upon the <Merged World> was two <Superior World>, <God World> where the gods live in and <Dragon World> where the dragons live in. From faraway, they kept a close watch on the future of the Merged World.

On the other hand, within the masses of humans, people believing in the existence of the <Divine Gate> that no one could <see>, <touch> or <reach> began to appear. The masses of humans then gave a name, <Adapters>, to people with such special powers.

However, not a single person aiming for the Divine Gate had returned before. Even so, the <Adapters> still aimed for the gate as they believe in the divine powers known to grant wishes of advancement by people who had reached there... ... They embrace wishes known as pain within their chest... ...

Trembling in the gap of the contradictory truth of the world, their pain will turn into strength. While that could be a gentle blade, it could also be extraordinary affection.

They continued to question themselves. Whether <meaning> or <desire> is needed to reach the gate... ... Whether what they want to change is the past or future. Whether they should keep their first promise or last promise. Whether they should create a world for everyone or a world for his or her own.

Then, the time to make a decision had come.

Before the <Divine Gate>... ...

Will they open or close the gate with their hands... ...

Will they advance or not. Should the one to change be the world, or... ...

The young boys and girls move on.

In order to know about everything-.