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Birthday 9th June (Gemini)
Blood Type O
Special Skill Playing the guitar
Favorite Food Miso dengaku
Least Favorite Food Dragon roll
Homeworld Common World
Occupation Scientist in World Council
Driver <Eruption>
Physical Description
Race Human
Element Fire
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Family Akane (son)
Voice Actor
Voiced by Tomoyuki Shimura

Profile Edit

One of the "Geniuses of the Divine Age". As a member of the World Council, he researches and invents independent type drivers in the laboratory there. He hardly interacts with other people as he usually stays hidden in the laboratory. He is Akane's father who had been said to be deceased from an incident in his laboratory. He watches over the growth of his son from the shadows.

The driver he uses is the prosthetic-arm type driver <Eruption>.

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