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Alias the Mischief King
Homeworld God World
Physical Description
Race God
Element wind/water/heart/darkness/iron
Gender Male
Hair Color Black on his right with a long strip of white on his left
Eye Color Amber
Voice Actor
Voiced by Koji Yusa

Relationships = Arthur - "friend" - former

                                       "Enemy" - current

Profile Edit

An extraordinary trickster.

Born in the God World. Together with Arthur, he is a member of the World Council. Befitting his namesake, Loki's presence exudes an everlasting enigmatic impression. An individual that should never be taken at face value as even his seemingly outward cooperation with Arthur may not be as it seems.

Confusion, derision, deception personified, any who tries to read into his facade will forever be lost in limbo.

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Birthday : unknown
  • Constellation: unknown
  • Blood type: unknown
  • Special skill: unknown
  • Food he likes: unknown 
  • Food he dislikes: unknown