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Birthday May 23rd (Gemini)
Blood Type B
Special Skill Reading woman
Favorite Food Hamburger
Least Favorite Food Homemade Food
Occupation Holy Knight
Driver <Aroundight>
Physical Description
Race Human
Element Light
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Voice Actor
Voiced by Kousuke Toriumi

Profile Edit

A member of the special service organization ”Knights of Round" under the command of Arthur. On the surface, he appears to have a foul tongue against Arthur, though within his heart, he can actually understands how Arthur feels. Because he's a stubborn person, he keeps up his appearance so that this attitude does not show.

Lancelot shows care for the students of the academy as well. During the time that the students are doing their "Special Training" in which they encounter the Defiers, saying that they are not his crops but his students.

The driver he uses is the gun-chakram type driver <Aroundight>

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