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Birthday October 9th (Libra)
Blood Type B
Special Skill Insulting
Favorite Food Kiwi
Least Favorite Food Carbohydrates [1]
Homeworld Common World
Driver <Wrnach>
Physical Description
Race Human
Element Wind
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Voice Actor
Voiced by Arisa Kiyoto

Profile Edit

Member of the "Knights of Round". She is a modern girl who bad mouths no matter what. Although she only insults and complains, Arthur does not get mad at her as he knows that her words are filled with love. She is referred as "Kay" by Arthur.

The driver she uses is the gun-bow type driver <Wrnach>.

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Trivia Edit

  1. According to Takano D, there does not mean that she does not intake carbohydrates at all. While she does intake carbohydrates, she tries to avoids it as best as she can.