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There was never anything there.





Alias The Boy who Loves Nothingness
Age 16
Birthday February 29th (Pisces)
Blood Type A
Favorite Food Gingko Nut
Homeworld Japonesia
Occupation High School Student
Driver <Yashahime>
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Amber
Family Father
Older Brother
Younger Brother
Voice Actor
Voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino


He does not have dreams or anything he wants to do. Although he used to be indifferent about everything, he sees his action of aiming for the Divine Gate stoically without personal emotion and reason as a goal to "himself who was nothing".

Quotes Edit

"Ahh so boring. Everything can just disappear."


  • Funny Facts: He ranked 15th for the 8th Divine Gate Official Character Poll in the None Element category, making him the only main character who did not make it up to the Top 10 of their element. [1] In addition, he is the only character who the official twitter messed up his quote, tweeting it as "Ahh so boring. Everything can just dis-". [2]

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