Ariton Gallery




Age 16
Birthday 20th July (Cancer)
Blood Type B
Special Skill Unknown
Favorite Food Salted grilled mackerel
Least Favorite Food Cold food
Homeworld Common World
Driver <Wadatsumi:Gishiki>
Physical Description
Race Human
Element Ice
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Family Aoto (older twin brother)
Father (deceased)
Mother (deceased)
Voice Actor
Voiced by JP: Natsuki Hanae

ENG: Clifford Chapin

Profile Edit

Aoto's younger twin brother who was favored by his parents. One night Ariton decided to murder his parent for reasons unknown and disappeared right after but later reemerges and caused "Blue Christmas" . Not much is known Ariton.

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

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