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There is no stopping to his pouring sins.

Faintly, softly, the falling rain- even if it fills the holes and depression on the streets, it could not fill the empty hole in his heart. Even if the droplets of rain dripping from his cheeks penetrates his heart and was able to create ripples, it would not become tears.





Alias The Boy who Controls Water
Parent Killer
Age 16
Birthday July 20th (Cancer)
Blood Type B
Special Skill Distancing himself from people
Favorite Food Saba sushi
(mackerel sushi)
Least Favorite Food Warm food
Homeworld Common World
Occupation High School Student
Driver <Wadatsumi>
Physical Description
Race Human
Element Water
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Family Father (Deceased)
Mother (Deceased)
Ariton (Brother)
Friends Akane
Voice Actor
Voiced by JP: Sōma Saitō
ENG: Chris Burnett


He rarely shows any expression and keeps a distance from others, choosing to be alone. According to the rumors, he was said to have killed his parents and was therefore named "Parent-killing Aoto". And he had an attraction yukari. The driver he uses is the katana type driver <Wadatsumi>

story line Edit

It starts out as Aoto gets on a train going to school when he runs into a person with a fire type driver on the train that starts attacking random people and starts talking about the Divine Gate to a girl he was going to burn.

Aoto then uses his water ability he was born with to fight the guy then the guy gets angry and attacks Aoto,but Aoto blocks his fire attack with a water shield he creates with his power and the guy rushes at him with his fire driver and Aoto then uses his water ability to make a water like chidori people claim it looks like then Aoto knocked him out.

And like five seconds later Akane and Midori make it the other side of the train where the fire user is knocked out,they think Aoto was actually the one who was bad then they pull out their drivers and then there safe zone is activated by itself.

Midori then checks on the fire user to see if he is okay,while Akane talks to Aoto to come with them but Aoto then walks out of the safe zone.

Quotes Edit

”For me... there's no such things as wishes."


  • His driver <Wadatsumi> can be translated to "God of Sea" in Japanese.